PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk. Kegiatan Jasa Lainnya

  • Komplek Mulia Industry, Jl. Raya Tegal Gede Bekasi, Jawa Barat

About Company

PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk. was established on November 5, 1986 as a trading and manufacturing company. The Company was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on January 17, 1994.

PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk. initially had 2 subsidiaries company, PT Muliaglass and PT Muliakeramik Indahraya. In October 2017, PT Mulia Industrindo sold all of its shares in PT Muliakeramik Indahraya to PT Eka Gunatama Mandiri, an affiliated company. This corporate action was undertaken to support the Company’s plan to improve and increase its financial position as a public listed company.

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