PT Korea Tomorrow & Global Indonesia (PT KT&G) Kegiatan Jasa Lainnya

  • Noble House 39th Floor, Jl DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E4.3 No.2 Mega Kuningan - Jakarta Selatan 12950

About Company

KT&G was founded in 1899 by the royal family as a Monopoly Bureau given the task of managing tax income documents. In 1948, the government created a department to monopolize cigarette and ginseng products. In 1989, KT&G was reformed as a government-affiliated organization. In 2002, following the abolishment of the tobacco monopoly law, KT&G became independent of the government and took the lead in the competing with domestic and foreign cigarette manufacturers.

Currently, by leveraging its more than 60% domestic market share, KT&G is actively entering overseas markets.

Vision :

“Become number 1 Tobacco Company in Indonesia.”

Mision :

“Bring pleasure and joy to every moment through quality of  products and differentiated services .”

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