Asisten Project


Job Description

  • Providing administrative support to project managers in managing project documentation, including creation, organization, and maintenance of project files.
  • Monitoring project activity schedules and assisting in scheduling and arranging meetings as needed.
  • Managing office inventory and supplies and providing logistical support for project needs.
  • Assisting in the procurement process for necessary materials and equipment for construction projects.
  • Handling internal communication among project team members and external parties involved in the project.

Job Requirement

  • Minimum Diploma (D3) or Bachelor's Degree (S1) in any major.
  • Work experience in administrative or construction project roles is considered an added advantage.
  • Good computer proficiency, especially in using office software like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). 
  • Strong organizational skills in managing project documents and schedules. 
  • Effective communication skills, including solid interpersonal abilities to coordinate with various project-related parties. 
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