Senior Quantity Surveyor


Job Description

  • Managing and estimating costs for materials, labor, and other resources required in construction projects. 
  • Reviewing and assessing design plans and specifications to identify needs in terms of quantity and cost.
  • Creating cost estimation reports to aid in project budget planning.
  • Overseeing project expenditures and evaluating potential cost changes.
  • Collaborating with project teams, including architects, engineers, and contractors, to ensure alignment between cost estimates and project objectives.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor's degree (S1) in Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, or related disciplines. 
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience in quantity surveying and cost estimation, particularly within the construction industry.
  • Proficiency in quantity calculation techniques and cost estimation for construction projects.
  • Strong analytical skills to evaluate data and produce accurate cost estimates. 
  • In-depth understanding of technical specifications and construction regulations. 
  • Good communication skills to interact with project teams and other relevant stakeholders.
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