Project Officer


Job Description

  • Designing and developing structured and detailed project plans. 
  • Managing project resources, including time, budget, and workforce.
  • Regularly monitoring project progress, ensuring adherence to established plans and deadlines. 
  • Compiling regular project progress reports and conveying information to relevant stakeholders. 
  • Collaborating with the project team and related departments to achieve project objectives.
  • Identifying and addressing issues that arise during project execution. 

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor's degree (S1) in Education, Management, or related discipline. 
  • Prior experience in project management within the education industry or related field is preferred. 
  • Strong organizational abilities to plan, manage, and evaluate projects. Effective communication skills for collaboration with various stakeholders. 
  • Proficiency in data analysis and project assessment. 
  • Ability to identify issues and offer effective solutions. 
  • Solid understanding of current trends and systems within the education industry.
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